Project “Clear Brain Tour”


F2F …my “Clear Brain Tour”

Recently, I had an overflow of thoughts in my head and I came across the idea to make a general RESET in order to reflect on basic issues. The best place to do this in my point of view is to sit on a bicycle enjoying the landscape and challenging my body. I know that feeling to arrive at a nice place in the evening having reached your goals and being able to sleep like a baby.

That’s the reason why I planned a bike tour and to cross Germany from F2F – means Flensburg to Füssen.

Tour start is planned for August 12, 2013 from Flensburg, the most north point of Germany close to the Danish border and arrive app. 2 weeks later in Füssen/Bavaria close to the Austrian border.

By the way, it´s a good thing to have a girl who respects and supports this idea. I promised her that we will not spend our summer holiday in the same way every year. Maybe we will make a long distance bike ride together in the future.

Keep your fingers crossed that the weather conditions become stable, means not so much rain and high temperatures like we had in the last 4 weeks in Germany ( brilliant summer !!)





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