Day #9, August 19, 2013

What a terrible morning ! Trapped in my tent and can’t go to toilette, because it’s raining since two(2) hours.All the T-Shits, pants etc.. which hanging on the clothesline are wet… Not a good feeling.
However, after 15km on the bike we met the brother of Ralf and his family in a small village direct on our route. We got coffee, isotonic drinks and some medicine for my groggy hamstring-many thanks for the support!

Next milestone was the town Gemünden where the famous Bicycle trail on the Main river starts. After another 50km (Total 105 km today) we arrived in Würzburg and now our tent is built up direct on the Main river.
We met in Würzburg our former colleague Daniel and had a nice evening down town.


Now I have 910km on my tachometer and hope to survive on the next 350km – CU

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