Tour Preparation


Rössle-Trail all-round Stuttgart

Together with my 2 colleagues Björn & Björn I tested my new trailer for the the first time in July 2013.

We took the Rössle-Trail all-round Stuttgart (app. 70 km and 1520 meters difference in altitude) during which I have learned that with the trailer on the stairs and off-road trails there are some limits, but finally we managed this together.I hope I´ll meet also so polite people during my tour who help me carry my “drive-train” on such critical terrain.



The second test I did and enjoyed with Anna-Maria in beautiful Alsace/France close to the German border. Fantastic forests, up and down hill sections and we met hundreds of  bikers along the route and at the beer gardens during our relaxing breaks.

Now I have a good feeling for my start in one week. The only thing which causes headache is the packing of my luggage, camping equipment, etc.-  I have to optimize it or/and reduce some stuff.

IMG_2156 IMG_2153





This is the planned route :[action]=show&tx_naviki_pi_routing_request[controller]=RoutingRequest&tx_naviki_pi_routing_request[dst][0]=flensburg&tx_naviki_pi_routing_request[dst][1]=f%C3%BCssen&tx_naviki_pi_routing_request[title]=flensburg%20-%20f%C3%BCssen&tx_naviki_pi_routing_request[option]=DAYLY#lat=50.06971099943831&lon=6.035829686523453&zoom=6