Summary Flensburg to Füssen Tour (F2F) – August 25, 2013

Flensburg to Füssen by bicycle

The F2F Tour was a great idea because – although if I am travelling a lot business-wise –    I only know a small piece of my own country.


Generally spoken, Germany is a beautiful country and I saw many different landscapes, met various kind of people with strange and interesting dialects, small lovely villages where I would like to live, but also regions which do not fit in my personal world view.

IMG_0288IMG_0371Also the motivation to not stay in hotels or guest houses was finally a good decision.  Ok, after 12 times building up the tent and all the necessary stuff was enough, especially when after thunderstorms and heavy rains everything was wet and felt uncomfortable. But camping is a kind of freedom where you meet special people who have to tell interesting and unusual stories – I will miss it !

With Andi and Ralf, the two guys who accompanied me each for one week, I felt really comfortable. We had good conversations, had a lot of fun and many beers together.

Thanks my friends that you shared this new experience with me and I had the feeling that you also enjoyed the common time.



Friday, means on our last day, Ralf said it is always disappointing when you finish a tour and arrive at the final destination. He had this experience from his walk along the way of St. James (Jakobsweg) and he is right. The one and only countermeasure to take is making a new plan !!

After some hours of cycling and reflecting we were in a good mood because we had a plan …

I attach some impressions in form of pictures to this blog. If you like to see more, please send an email to and you will get a link to the F2F picture folder in my cloud.

At the end I would like to say thanks to all who supported and motivated me before and during my tour. \\Volker

Power Plant at the Camp-ground :IMG_0307





Trailer not only for luggage






Visit of friends











It is time to pack and rest.
Anna-Maria, many thanks for the warm welcome and that you picked me up in Füssen – bicycle and train is a nightmare

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