Day #8, August 18, 2013

The Internet connection here in Bavaria is really bad and I try to upload some comments and experiences of the day.
Yes it’s true, we reached Bavaria on the late evening after climbing the German mid size mountain in the beautiful Rhön.

Wasserkuppe and more

We , means that I got a new buddy after Andy went back to Stuttgart. I crossed a small village in East Hessen (Burghaun) and met my old colleague and friend Ralf. We had a good lunch together with his parents in a beer garden and 1 hour later we continued the F2F Tour together.

The Rhön is a very difficult territory for bikers ( without E-motor and ICE [Verbrennungsmotor]) and we made more than 1400Hm , 110km distance and arrived on a camping ground with a small lake at 7 pm close to Bad Bad Brückenau/Bavaria.